Why use online software for your petrol pump management?

We live in an era where Fuel not only determines how far your car can run but also determines the development of a nation.

The petrol pump software is used for fuel and gas management at petrol pumps. The functionality of the gas pump system includes accounting for fuel pumps, profound meter readings, sales, and purchases. Petrol pump software like Garruda can assist to improve the quality of services by easily performing all the complicated and time-consuming functions inside a petrol pump.

So, what functions does such a software perform?

1. Manages credit customer transactions, billing and accounts

The staff has a lot to deal with at the pump stations, including billing. With so much to do, when it comes to manual computations, there is always high potential for mistakes. Furthermore, a lack of know-how or technical understanding might cause human mistakes. However, when a software for petrol pump management is introduced, all these problems will be sorted. The software helps to generate invoices, obtain challan information, and even keeps track of all sales and purchases at the time of the transaction at the fore court by the Shift Managers / Salesman.

Garruda comes with a complete ‘Accounts’ feature and functions like a genuine accounting software that ensures least errors in capturing transactions with customers thus increasing confidence in the dealings between the parties.

2. Inventory management

Garruda  gives you detailed inventory reports thus enabling easier and prompt inventory management and reconciliations by the petrol pump

3. Generates reports

Petrol pump management software provides client name generation, purchase, sales, stock, and other factors automatically while pumping. In addition, the issue of physical stocks reconciliation with books will be resolved through the software in no time. Garruda provides all these functions on a single platform.

4. Management of sales

Petrol pump software supports the management, stock, and sales of accounts. Petroleum pump software helps to efficiently track your sales by providing sales and sales data. Another example is credit bills and overdue payment management function, which is produced bill by bill for the study of your sales and effectively manage credit limits given to the credit customers of the petrol pump.

5. Reduces fuel theft

In the fleet business, fuel theft and fraud are not new. You have to verify that the right quantity is added to cars by staff. You can prevent illegal usage of fuel by using petrol pump control software. Moreover, the service includes access to operators of petroleum pumps, making gasoline usage easier to measure. Furthermore, the monitoring of fuel reduction using a meter reading device prevents situations of gasoline theft and misuse. A petrol pump software like Garruda also helps to monitor the exact amount of gasoline dumped at your fuel station by fuel tankers.

Try your hands with Garruda – petrol pump management software if you are uncertain about your physical petrol pump administration system. A petrol pump has enough to accomplish and Garruda can assist you to manage the whole thing.

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