How is Garruda beneficial for Petrol pump owners, trying to generate higher revenues?

As someone who owns a petrol pump, you definitely understand the responsibilities of handling a petrol pump business and it’s nuances. From managing something as detailed as accounting and credit controls to keeping track of something as critical as inventory – making sure to provide your customers with quality services, you are responsible for every minute activity that goes into running petrol pump business successfully. However, in a competitively growing petroleum industry simply running a petrol pump business on a daily basis is not enough to sustain in the market. With the rapid growth in the number of petrol pumps in the Indian sub-continent it has become a need of the hour that necessitates the petrol pump owners to constantly upgrade their business to survive the competition and reduce on precious human resources costs by automating business processes.

Besides the above, being concerns for growing business the foremost concern of a petrol pump business or in fact any business is to generate revenues to make the business venture viable & profitable. Handling operations at a petrol pump is both time consuming and costly but it doesn’t have to be. What if we tell you there is an alternative, a much efficient and smarter way of managing all your business operations? What if we also tell you that we have a solution for you, the petrol pump owner, to generate much higher revenues for your business. Don’t believe us? Keep reading more and find it for yourself!

How can you manage your petrol pump efficiently?

Till now you have been managing your petrol pump manually and thus understand that manual management of the entire petrol pump business can be very intricate trying to balance priorities between an array of services that you provide to your customers and the operational activities that are managed on a day to day basis at a petrol pump. This can be very time consuming and results in high costs of operations. But where there is Human intervention involved, the occurrence of errors or fraudulent activities is inevitable. Even a small error or a fraudulent incident in a consistent and growth-oriented business can be fatal in terms of revenue, leading to huge losses which no business person would certainly want – most importantly losing the customers trust.

So what can be done to avoid any such situation especially if your entire petrol pump business is dependent on manual operations? This is where an online always connected petrol pump management software comes into the picture. A petrol pump management software is a system that allows petrol pump owners to streamline all of their operations under one roof. This helps you to efficiently track the operations at your facility with the use of technology.

Cloud based Online connected Petrol pump software- Garruda POS

Yes, petrol pump software helps streamlining all the operations in a much efficient way but, do you know what is even better than just a petrol pump software system? A cloud based online connected petrol pump software that frees you from the constraint of any physical location and enables you to keep a full control of your petrol pump operations from any time at any place just at the click of a button on your smartphone! Garruda is not only a cloud based software but it is also a POS based fuel software that automates your billing and daily transactions. In simpler words it enables your customers to manage their fuel receipts right at the point of sale in a much convenient and advanced manner along with automating your other processes like managing accounting, keeping track of sales, generating timely bills, accurately keeping a check on inventory, monitoring employee shifts, managing individual nozzle readings and controlling the credit limit of all customers. This means less requirement of labour and more focus on smart growth.

Garruda POS offers tremendous improvement in your customer experience by providing prompt and error free services. The petrol pump owner will be able to control and manage all transactions easily without worrying about any operational costs. Better customer experience means loyal customers and loyal customers means more sales. Now if more sales don’t indicate greater revenues then what does? Garruda is also integrated with Tally which ensures a 100% seamless accounting transaction getting updated to India’s No. 1 Accounting software with all statutory reports relating to GST & VAT available at a click of a button.

In short, Garruda is not only your one solution to increased revenues but also the most secured and fully controllable way of growing your business digitally in the Indian Petroleum Industry.

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