ITWorks @ Siyaram provides Tally ERP 9 software products, Services and Solutions built around specific business needs. We have partnered with Tally  Solutions for over 20 years in taking its product closer to the users in various markets within India. Our team of experts has ensured a quality support to over 10000+ users and is capable of handling customer specific configuration & implementation of Tally. They also provide deployment of Tally Server 9 to ensure stability in Speed, Concurrency, Security of Data and lots more for Power users of Tally with large number of users within the organisation and handling large data volumes as well.


Tally Support – Onsite & Remote

Tally Installation & implementation, Data synchronisation, Data Migration or Splitting, Training or incidental support..You can count on us. Our qualified team can attend to your queries onsite or remotely.

Tally AMC / Annual Support Cover

A business continuity program for your organisation from us – who knows Tally Best. You do your business peacefully while we take care of your software. Select a plan suitable to you as per your needs.

Tally Data Synchronization

Decide on architecture Type : Centralized / Decentralized / Hybrid, we will set it up for your Multi Location Organization. Sync Data periodically or directly enter data into Central Tally Server.

Tally ERP 9 Training

Corporate training programs for your staff to ensure use of Tally.ERP 9 to the fullest. A basket of training modules to choose from depending on your need & profile of the team.

Business Challenges

At some stage, every business faces a challenge in terms of it’s business application software being able to handle the ever changing scenarios in the business environment. Will the solutions that work for other businesses work the way you want it to ? Will the solution be able to handle the volumes that the business requires ? To answer such questions our experts understand your requirements and provide the most workable solution with very low footprint in terms of time & costs. With flexibility at its very core, ERP Software,Tally.ERP 9 lends itself comfortably to such adaptation. It can be customised, extended and integrated right from granular levels to features, so your business can achieve higher efficiency.

Few Specific Vertical Solutions Created by Us on Tally.ERP9


Residential / Commercial Complex Electricity & Maintenance Billing process – Our solutions is capable of handling large number of Owners / Tenants Billing in a Residential / Commercial Building Complex. The entire solution is parametric and gives the user the flexibility to add / modify charges and also specify the basis of such charge. The solution is currently being used in over 100+ individual locations across Delhi / NCR region.

Data Integration

BOTREE – CSNG is a very widely used DMS application software and there is a business challenge of data integration with Tally due to the requirements by the channel partner users. We have created a complete solution allowing the channel partner to configure their Tally installation to connect with CSNG and integrate the Data in Tally without any manual intervention. Simple to Use, Very effective, Reliable – are the key strengths of this solution.

Electricity Bill