Is your petrol pump fully secured with manual management?

There’s a lot behind the scene when it comes to petrol pump management. Volatile inventory management, sales record keeping, and correct reporting are some of the major issues involved in daily petroleum pump operations.

The manual petrol pump administration maintains their sales detail, employee detail in files and folders.  To keep track of sales, a daily register is maintained.

They are used to store the record for the sale of petrol and diesel, inventories, customers, etc. in a register. It takes a lot of time and is tedious work to prepare the report. The entire register is to be searched for a single record, which is an extremely time-consuming task.

Hence, most of the data is maintained manually. As a result, the obtained data takes time. Errors occur as a result of human computation. Lot of precious human time is consumed in the activity to maintain daily records manually.

Even when the data is maintained in proper kept registers, inconsistency could occur like an order might just be missed or wrongly entered for quantity or the customer when the same is entered offline by the back office staff in the offline software.

Total dependency on manual labor also raises the risk of stock, accounting, and metering mistakes resulting in a loss of valuable information being available.

Fortunately, one of the top petrol pump management software is there for the rescue.

Garruda is an integrated, adaptable, and easy-to-use system that gives an end-to-end solution to various operations of petroleum pumps.

It is a software with all functionalities for a petrol pump’s forecourt operations that supports:

Detailed method for capturing meter readings – Opening & Closing for a Shift

Motor oil, water, and lubricant sales & stocks

Detailed capturing of Settlements of Sales for a Shift

Generating comprehensive Shift Sales & Settlements thus saving a lot of valuable time of the staff working on the forecourt

Automatic system backup

Message alert system

…and several more functionalities

Garruda makes it much easier to handle diverse activities due to the broad service offered by the petrol pump management software. It also provides the management with information on inventories that need to be replenished, generates sales reports for various periods, reports, and performs bookkeeping activities.

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