Why choose Garruda pos software for your Petrol Pump

Discover new ways to manage your petrol pump through our Web Hosted, Android, and IOS-based solution for high-cost savings – a digital way to solve all your management issues on one platform.

The solutions with Garruda

We help you to digitize all the slips so that there are no hassles between the customer and the owner of the petrol pump, now no re-entering the slips on the petrol station, for the customer, Garruda provides codes and OTPs for safe transactions, an MIS report gets created as per the requirement of the management, the bills are processed with 100% accuracy.

We succor in your various management requirements that include shifts, credit sales, fuel request and fulfillment, secured codes and OTPs, high-cost savings at reasonable rates.

Our software and its purpose

Bringing maximum revenue to the owner is the main purpose of our software and to reduce the cost of management on the petrol pump, we provide transparency in order to avoid any fraudulent activities by the personnel during working hours, our software automates reports generation that helps petrol stations to be managed conveniently.

The software provides multiple payment methods allowing your customers to choose a convenient mode of payment which ultimately helps to attract more clients and helps petrol pump owners to gain more revenue.

Moreover, the software features monitor the activities carried out at the petrol pump.

Many petrol pump owners face difficulties in manually managing the operations of the petrol station. Continuing the manual process leads to balancing monetary profile becomes difficult, for this we as a management software help to reshape all the difficulties faced by the petrol station owners, our software digitally manages all the operations and is able to control all the activities involved during working hours, without having your need to be physically present at the station. We give a user-friendly experience in order to get rid of the manual slips and paper inventory which is a hassle work to manage all the time.

An accurate inventory record assures error free management, our software is specialized in generating invoices and bills on time as and when required, it also tracks fuel that is used at the petrol station.

There are many benefits of the automated petrol station that includes credit sale management, cost-effectiveness, and shift management.

In credit sales management a petrol pump owner gets to manage all the customer transaction processes and has full control over credit limits. In times of certain urgency, the Petrol Pump Owner can give one-time Adhoc limit to the customer and regain customer goodwill.

On the other hand, shift management is also one of the important aspects when it comes to managing operations, from shift allocation to the opening and closing of the petrol pump our system helps to do all with its proper scheduling method.

Our automated software is cost-effective it is a cloud-based operations software that prevents from being cheated or any malpractices. It gives round the clock visibility to the owner for the petrol pump operations.

The software provides security that ensures all the data is secured and stored in the cloud with tracking invoices that benefit in many ways, every transactions and sales are secured by using specific OTPs and QR codes.

It becomes easy to manage the customers due to the easy interface and carry out all the activities as per the owners will; our mobile application controls all the transaction activities without making the customers standing in a long queue.

When customers’ transactions are quick, the customers will prefer visiting the petrol station again as it does not take much time and payment processes are quick, this helps in increasing the revenue.

Choosing Garruda is your best choice to resolve the daily issues faced at your petrol station.

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