Petrol Pump Tally Integration

Do you wish to get complete control over all the activities at your petrol pump? Look no further. The petrol pump tally integration helps you do that effectively. The GARUDA-Tally. ERP 9 or Tally Prime is an amazing solution for your petrol pump business. It helps you integrate the daily transactions that every department makes. It is a very useful tool as clarity and accuracy in the transactions is maintained with real-time reports and hence gives the best possible control over the petrol pump operations. This software makes it possible to increase sales and revenue.

And is an effective system to deal with the data entry of several customers visiting the pump.

The petrol pump tally integration helps enhance the business performance. This software enables the whole system to be integrated by developing the connectivity driven functionality. For example, if there is one transaction between the customer and the pump, then the whole system will be updated about the transaction. It will include the entry at the selling point and then update the balance sheet, end of the day sales report, etc. Hence, the business details remain updated and the overall performance improves. The latest version of the software also calculates the tax like TCS, GST, Vat etc.

Another advantage of the system is that you will be connected to your customers, suppliers, banks account departments, sales department and other important stakeholders through Garruda petrol pump tally integration software. A monetary advantage of this software is that you need not hire an extra special task force for the day to day operational activities. This is an advantage as the money spent on manpower can be utilized in other domains or can be taken into profit. As human intervention is minimum, man-made errors are also minimized.

The sales at petrol pump stations happen frequently which means the accounts need to be updated and accurate billing needs to be generated for accurate Credit Sales Management. This is done using the GARRUDA petrol pump tally integration software thus reducing confusions in transactions with credit customers and also helping in faster realization of Credit Sales.

This software meets the customer demands for faster bills and accounting processes with 100% accuracy. The benefits of Garruda petrol pump tally integration is: maintaining error- free transactions, managing large inventory, filing of GST, VAT returns, and an overview of the flow of the funds.

Thus, the tally integration is important for your petrol pumps to expand, to keep track of the daily transactions and operations remotely.

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