Petrol pump stations all over the globe have always been baffled about ensuring smooth management of credits. But, in reality the process can be quite simple if proper tools are used. Do you want to know how? Then the answer lies in Garruda. Garruda POS is a software for management of petrol pump stations. It is an innovative application to solve the complexities of credit sales management. One such element of this application which is very vital is management of credit customer behavior. This is a deeper insight into credit sales transactions, as it explores the behavioral pattern of a customer in relation to credits. This in turn, can prove to be very beneficial for petrol pump owners as they now have control over the key credit information. Are you intrigued to know more? Then keep reading this article as we are going to dive deep into this area.

Advantages of tracking customer’s credit behavior

Credit behavior is a track of the customer’s credit history and it looks at areas such as timely bill settlements. If you think that this information is of no use to you, then think again. There are many pros of tracking your customer’s credit behavior. You can easily identify customers which will be profitable in future, and then make a separate list and cater to their needs with extra attention. Next, you can offer the right products and terms to increase the response rate for customers. If the customers get what they want then your petrol pump will be their ideal petrol station. Another advantage of this is you can actually avoid customers who have payment stress. If you have meticulously tracked the credit behavior then you can easily pick the customers who will not bring you good business.

Management of credit customer behavior for petrol pumps with Garruda

Garruda POS is a new-age software with transforming technology. Management of credit at petrol pumps has become increasingly important. So now with Garruda, you can manage your customer credit behavior with an end-to-end process with control over further supplies. The business is yours and we help you to get total control over management of credits. Garuda uses powerful Tally for smooth management which is error-free and avoids loss. There is a special feature on our software which also allows evaluation of available credit limits. This can be a boon as it cancels all the chances of credit theft. The tight credit control technology of our software has made it very simple and hassle-free for petrol pump owners to manage their credits. We also help you to keep a track on the credit behavior of your customer so you can be aware and segregate your profitable customers from non-profitable ones.

How can this benefit your customers ?

Garruda POS software is also beneficial to your customers as they can settle their bills in a timely manner to avoid a bad credit score. We understand that your customers can sometimes forget to pay their bills and that is the reason we have a system of regular SMS updates which will aid t h e m t o p a y o n tim e. Credit limit control is also a feature of our software which c an be used by you  customers.

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