Managing a Petrol pump business may be highly stressful and intimidating. Successful operations demand a very advanced and automated approach to managing all the functions of the business that are tough to manage manually.

As a business expands, the success it has accomplished is always accompanied by operational difficulties. These typical issues arise more frequently than you would expect from the uncertainty of where your organization is headed for oversight and may be costly if they are not monitored. But companies typically lack the impartiality to internally address these challenges.

Manually handling the whole procedure can be exceedingly difficult, time-consuming, and expensive and can also lead to errors

If you wonder, what can you do to systematically and quickly create more turnover and sales by minimizing inventory mistakes into your petrol pump, Garruda pos is precisely what you need to digitally accelerate and improve the fuel pump management in today’s digitally expanding landscape.


There’s plenty going on behind the scenes when it comes to petrol pump management. The management of fluctuating stocks, sales record tracking and the processing of correct account data are among the main problems in the daily operation of fuel pumps.

Since fuel and diesel can be evaporated with a dynamic price system, petrol pumps must keep an eye on the staff for stock management and price tracking. Complete manual dependency further raises the risks of stock management, accounting, and measurement mistakes, resulting in the loss of productivity.

Fortunately, India’s No.1 Online Petrol Pump Operations Management Software – Garruda is there for your rescue


Garruda is India’s first software designed and curated to make your petrol pump business management easier by simply enabling you to handle the whole business on your smartphone. Garruda’s built-in automated system smoothly streamlines the whole activities of your business under a protected platform that the owner controls entirely without being subjected to any physical location.


If you own a petrol pump, you understand how to control the entire business and how difficult it can be when handled manually given the intricacy of a petrol pump that retains an accurate count of fuel transactions and inventories, while at the same time managing a wide range of services, from suppliers to payment processing.

Garruda guarantees that and keeps everything in a single organized system and completely automated and cost-effectively managed, not just transparent and user-friendly, but also fully efficient and encrypted to prevent any fraudulent activities or abuse of critical data. This allows the owner to move the emphasis from small operational problems to greater business development prospects and ideas.

The program is provided to deal with the problems of each oil pump’s three principal divisions of its operation: accounting, sales and stock management.

Accounting & billing:

The Petrol Pump Software can manage the maintenance of accounts, produce invoices, create vehicle-specific accounts, purchase order accounts, fancy information, budget tabulation and reports and keep buy records. Hence, the functioning of a petrol pump is made easy since this substantially reduces the likelihood of mistakes.


The main functionality that the petrol pump system can accomplish is maintaining different sales records such as challan registers, fuel sales reports, item registers, bill collecting and a credit sales statement. Garruda incorporates multiple vertical components of sales like reporting and analysis of daily and bulk sales much easier and feasible. Each Shift Manager needs to login to Garruda from his / her mobile phone at the start of the shift. Hereafter whenever there is Credit Customer visiting the petrol pump for execution of indent, the shift manager captures the transactions in Garruda against a pre-requisite / manual slip indent and also capture the proof of delivery. Immediately on fulfilment, the customer admin receives a confirmation SMS from Garruda of the transaction and also has a detailed historical transaction visibility. This transparent transaction increases the customer confidence in the Petrol Pump and thus also result in increase in business between the parties.

Stock management:

A Petrol pump business has to manage an enormous amount of evaporable fuel as described before. A gas pump management software like Garruda also creates data for item-specific closing stock, slow-moving stocks and reorder products from distributors, in order to simplify inventory management.


With Garruda, it will be extremely helpful for a petrol pump to use a comprehensive operations management software. The complete, adaptable and user-friendly system of Garruda offers an end-to-end solution not only for seamless overall operations, but also for diverse fuel pump operations.

It is a Web hosted program thus giving complete independence from the installed operating system. User can use Garruda thru Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc. without any specific system requirement.

Garruda is an excellent program for petrol pump management that has confidence in all those tasks.

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