Expand your business digitally with GARRUDA-POS

An Ideal petrol pump business is difficult to manage for an owner, a huge responsibility to be carried out, there may be many problems which may arise in present as well as in future from manual calculations of sale, daily income, dip value, data entries in the books that shows the expenses, accounts, staff payroll, generating the report, reading of the meter.

For these tasks, a petrol pump business does require management software where there can be automated implementations of a particular task and this automated service will help to manage all back-end tasks of managing the inventory, solutions of petrol pump issues, marketing, and many more.

A petrol pump requires accounting and Tally, the Tally entries ease the day to day operations of petrol pump management, our software generates client wise billing,  payment gateways on online, vehicle billings as well as generating automatic generated sales invoices, our software does consist of interesting features audits, analytics that are accessible in our management system.

Our management system helps to manage inventory as well as tallying complications; it is known to be user-friendly system that maintains the entire inventory and account data.

Garruda-POS is best known to give an accurate reading of the meter and provide full security for the system.

Garruda possesses a Manpower Management System that optimizes the workforce in an efficacious method, it also has the feature of managing the employees’ shift where the guidelines are set for the employees and they are given shifts as per the requirements of the petrol station.

An automatic backup is available with a very strong system that has good security that helps the professionals to complete their tasks without any hassle.

Here are 6 management systems you will find on Garruda.

Sales management

Our sales management system helps to analyze monthly sales and item sales; the sale register is maintained with a variation of meter sales reports and sheet maintenance with the help of our sales management system.

Accounting management

Our user-friendly accounting management consists of features like statement emails, calculation, bank or cash book, ledger reports, many accounting parts can be managed like entries of the voucher, balance sheets, balance, customer balance, and various ledger accounts, one more added feature in accounting is accounting of finances with VAT tax integration.

Financial management

Controlling the finances is a crucial part of any business; we provide financial management services that help to keep a record of financial transactions made at a petrol station, a management system to keep track of all financial activities.

Managing finance helps in getting GST/VAT reports and statements of all cash flow into the bank accounts, a complete report of profit and loss will be provided in our software.

Inventory management

For inventory management the system gives accurate readings of machines, automatic dips calculation, detailed monthly accounting bills, and stock which are maintained on daily basis.

Purchase management

The purchase management system helps to manage purchase register with order quantity, this feature is extremely useful as it maintain the purchased items and other expenditures made.

Payable management

Our payable management system helps to handle unpaid debts to third-party purchases made on credits, the management involves seeking trade credit lines, managing the flow of purchase, and favorable terms of purchases made at the petrol pump.

We refine the payable process that enhances the accuracy of the cash flow, our software enables us to set a better budget that improves the liquidity, and the feature helps to mitigate gaps in funding which helps in monetary gain.

Furthermore, it helps to strengthen the negotiation power and get better deals this helps to extend payment terms, increase warranty periods, and hold in the inventory.

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