7 reasons how Petrol Pumps can benefit from using GARRUDA

Have you been manually handling your petrol pump operations and lately feeling surrendered to all the responsibilities? It’s time to put the right technology to use and benefit from the smooth, accurate and automatic management of Petrol Pumps bidding adieu to complex and time consuming traditional ways of managing a Petrol pump. If you are wondering how can that be made possible, we have the solution right here! Garruda is a software primarily designed and developed to help Petrol Pump Owners manage their Petrol pump business operations efficiently with the least human intervention just at the control of their fingertips! Below in this article are listed not just one but 7 key attributes and reasons of how you, a Petrol Pump owner, can benefit from using Garruda for your Petrol Pump Business.

Automated Inventory Management

While most of the petrol pump owners have shifted to technology based management of their Petrol pump operations, there are still petrol pumps in India that are being managed traditionally using written based means for tracking and managing inventory. By using paper based means for managing inventory you are not only prone to making errors but also lose a lot of time and money in managing all the books of accounting for inventory, manually. Improper recording or delay in recording by employees can lead to loss of fuel or make any fuel theft or fraudulent activities go unnoticed. Garruda on the other hand, ensures automatic and systematic recording and tracking of inventory purchase and supply generated.

Absolute Management of Operations

Garruda being a Petrol Pump Management software takes care of all the operations of a petrol pump. Petrol Pump owners can rely for absolute transparency of all the operations from storing to supplying and generating accurate bills, tracking and recording of inventory stocks, Monthly payrolls of employees, productivity in terms of optimum utilization and tracking of fuel used at the petrol pumps, generating sales invoice and recording of sales. Auto managing customers and controlling their credit limit with its accurate metre reading consolidated in the software to prevent excess human intervention and avoid errors such as wrong or double entries.

Hassle Free Billing and Accounting

Want error free billing and accounting? Petrol Pumps can be difficult to manage especially with increasing price rates, which not only requires a fast paced but also an error free way of recording and generating each and every invoice. Humans as we know are prone to making mistakes as proficient as maybe. Garruda Software provides an automated system which spares the need for any manual recordings leaving no room for errors. It automates every sale invoice generation and provides accurate and hassle free recordings of sales or purchases as and when incurred.

Get Rid of Manual Work

Why work manually, when you can manage everything on your fingertips with just one click? Garruda is a software that curates all the management of operations of a petrol pump under one roof or in other words in one auto device. Petrol pump owners manage a huge responsibility of fuel allocation. Manually handling of every minute activity of a petrol pump can not only prove to be very complex but also time consuming and costly sometimes leading to a big revenue loss, which if you are a petrol pump owner, would want to avoid by all means! Digital recording of sales not only help avoid a lot of paper work but also systematizes the workings of a petrol pump.

Generating Accurate Sales

Garruda is a Petrol Pump POS Software. It turns your device into a Point of Sale device helping it keep a proper record of each and every sale made by the business. Recording and tracking of sales is the most important activity for not just a petrol pump business but any business in the market. Accurate invoice and sales registering helps keeping account of the business productivity and to make more profits. Garruda software manages report generating for sales in no time and with ease.

Efficient Management of Petrol Pumps

One of the major reasons of how Petrol pump owners can benefit from Garruda is the Efficiency that it articulates. With very less labour or manual work and more digitalised way of managing all the operation, Garruda makes the entire process of handling a petrol pump very efficient and smooth. It helps in regulating the reporting of all the bills and managing automatic accounting of sales and invoices.

Control Your Petrol Pumps at your Fingertips!

Yes, you read it right! With Garruda you can control the entire handlings of your Petrol Pump at your fingertips. So if you have been feeling surrendered to your petrol pump, Garruda comes to your rescue! It helps you manage your petrol pump even if you are on the go which means, using it will not restrict you to a place unlike how it is when you traditionally manage your Petrol Pump. It’s a software that facilitates controlling the entire management of your petrol pump business without having to be physically present at the particular location!


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