Ever wondered what is the perfect formula to run a petrol pump successfully? Well, there is no particular formula but 5 ways that you can use Garruda to transform your complex operations and make them simple. Management of petrol pumps can be quite difficult, considering the amount of work one has to put in. In such situations, a little help can be used by owners of petrol pumps to run a profitable business. Do you want to know the 5 vital functionalities that will transform your petrol pump? Then, keep reading as this article will explore the strategies that will benefit your business.

1. Hassle-free credit sales management

With Garruda POS, you can manage your sales to your credit customers via an end-to-end process. This is an extremely important feature as it gives you complete control of your sales and makes sure to manage further supplies based on the available credit limit. Now, you can be the decision maker when it comes to sale of your product. The inflow of cash will be maintained without worrying about borrowers. The process is made very simple so you can understand and keep a track of your sales without any hassle.

2. Error free fuel request & fulfillment

Sometimes, when customers raise a request for a particular vehicle on a driver then this request is fulfilled by DSM at the RO on arrival of the vehicle. There will be zero-errors as the process is automated and checked regularly. You can be free of worries as Garruda will take care of fuel requests and fulfillment. A consolidated bill will be issued to the customer later on. This even makes the process easier for your regular customer and will get you an edge in the market.

3. Assured savings

In current times, errors can prove to be harmful for an organisation as it may decrease the monetary funds. You can trust Garruda as its credit control management is excellent in function and is error-free. Zero error means zero loss of money. With a system like this, you can utilize your manpower at a better place. This also increases their productivity. We guarantee nil transaction errors and all of this will result in savings for your business.

4. Fully automated process

The entire process of managing petrol pumps is fitted in one powerful software which is fully automated. This also means that it will save time and will be free of errors. Even your customers will be impressed by your use of cutting-edge technology. The world is racing towards being digital and in this race of technology do not let your petrol pump lag behind. With Garruda’s software your petrol pump can be transfigured.

5. Seamless Integration with Tally

Garuda-POS is integrated with Tally for all your back-end accounting needs. This will save the time you put for manual entries and eradicate any possibility of inaccuracy. You can generate all accounting and statutory reports with a simple click. All of this is possible with the seamless integration of Garruda with Tally. Now, you will be able to control all the major functions of your petrol pump and see your business prosper

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