5 benefits of having a petrol pump software in India

There is no fuel station company that would not benefit from a petrol pump management software feature. Like other companies, a petrol pump also needs help that can enable certain tasks to be carried out automatically. Let’s say, generating reports, meter readings records, accounting features, etc. In order to take advantage of automation, there are lots of software for petroleum pump management. The petrol pump solution offers benefits to several departments, from background tasks to inventory management, sales, and accounting.

Let us see how a petrol pump software benefits the business:

Prevents fuel theft:

In the fleet industry, fuel robs and fraud are not new. You need to make sure that employees add the right quantity of fuel. With the use of a connected petrol pump management software, you can prevent any misuse of fuel dispensing thus increasing customer faith in the petrol pump. In addition to it, the software provides restricted access to petrol pump operators and thereby, facilitating easy tracking of fuel sales. Therefore, a petrol pump software like Garruda also helps to monitor the exact quantity of fuel dispensed from your fuel station.

Provides accurate and efficient accounting and bookkeeping system:

In petrol pump stations, employees handle many tasks, including invoicing. Therefore, there is always room for mistakes in manual calculations with so much to take care of.

While many contractors can use an accountant, not all of them can handle the extravagance costs. Furthermore, many owners are not monetary specialists, which implies that legal accounting can often take on a lower priority than other parts of the company such as daily deals, customer management or personnel management.

Software like Garruda comes with an extensive ‘Management & Accounts’ module and works like real management & accounting software. From passing the sales entry to generating financial statements, doing bank reconciliation, and maintaining trial balance, every operational and accounting task is made easy and error-free with this petrol pump software.

Provides day-to-day visbility:

Solid accounting means a good enterprise which is then achieved by solid disclosure.

Day to day, details will help to manage your revenue and expenses, track and implement credit limit controls as per agreements with the customers. Petrol Pump management software gives you near live information of daily sales on the closure of the shift by the forecourt staff.

Provides customer satisfaction:

Petrol pump software is also useful for the customers as they can quickly clear their invoices to prevent a negative credit score.

Customers might occasionally forget to pay their bills, which is why we offer a system of regular SMS alerts during every sale fulfilment.

Garruda is the first and only Petrol Pump Management software that gives access to the Customer of the Petrol Pump to have a detailed comprehensive view of the transactions with the Petrol Pump thus helping avoid any discrepancies later in the relationship.

Garruda is built with immediate reports and alarms, both in the foreground and in the back office that links the petrol pump with its customers. The all-in-one system easily addresses any problem that the customer has.

All this in helps Petrol Pumps achieve greater customer satisfaction resulting in newer customer acquisition in future.

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